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An effective way to create online awareness around your product or brand is by using influencer marketing: deploying specific influencers with large communities on social media and/or blogs. These key individuals are trusted by their communities and seen as a reliable source of information. This makes influencer marketing a valuable and useful resource to bring online attention to your product or brand.

Our influencer marketing campaigns are aimed at creating an online buzz and awareness around your brand on social media, blogs and websites. We use key individuals who are of importance to your target audience. By utilizing the broad network of those individuals on blogs and social media like Instagram or Youtube, we are able to attract the attention of the general public to your brand. This way the messages that have been written by the influencers create more incoming links to your website or other online channels. This, in turn, contributes to a higher ranking in search engines, and further builds your online community.

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Influencer marketing inzet van specifieke influencers of sleutelindividuen
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