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A lively and active community on social media is a vital part of every online strategy. We don’t believe in pumping out meaningless marketing messages. What we will do is build an inspiring story around your brand that connects with the interests and needs of the target audience. To ensure the social media audience gets involved and stays captivated, we upload interesting content, engage in dialogue with the community and continuously involve more people in the online conversation. This way the traffic increases and the social media community grows.


Relevante content

By thoroughly analyzing the online community we have built up, our community managers know what your target audience likes. Using this information, we develop relevant content that appeals to them. This includes written messages as well as images and videos. In this way we build a strong relationship with your fans and make sure your brand looks highly professional on social media.

Viral apps

By deploying viral apps such as photo competitions, quizzes or other unique competitions on social media, you can create a lot of engagement and keep your social community active. We develop in-house social and web applications to run competitions and can run the entire app-management for you. We can help you from the start of the competition until the end by checking the submissions and selecting the winners. If necessary, we can find you a matching sponsor.


The community manager is the driving force behind your social media channels. By working together with you while setting up the protocols, we can act quickly and are able to effectively answer questions that emerge from the community. By getting the answers they need, the community members feel they are being heard.

Every month we produce a content calendar that we send to our clients for approval. We analyze the performance of all messages on social media to ensure we maximize the marketing opportunities. This way we keep the messages interesting and the community alive.

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